House Cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens

House Cleaning in Palm Beach Gardens

At Gardens Maid we realize that a clean house makes an attractive & inviting home. Leave the labor to us as we assist on making your home a delightful place to live.

Effective Cleaning

Effective Cleaning

At Gardens Maid we use safe and effective cleaning products. Our cleaning products are safe to use when children and pets are present. Our sanitizers not only sanitize, but also maintain a nice gloss.

Cleaning Shower

Cleaning Shower

Leave the bath & showers to us. We work on reviving these areas that are prone to getting untidy quick. We also safely cleanse all surfaces where the skin of a baby may come into contact.



Clean indoor air is part of healthy living, that’s why we choose vacuums with HEPA filtration. Our high performance vacuums are also effective at cleaning up in less time.


Is Gardens Maid the right cleaning company for you?

Listed below are some of the advantages of choosing us for cleaning services.

  • Free quotes.

  • Proof of insurance provided upon request.

  • No contract necessary unless requested by client. Trial period or month to month agreements provided upon request.

  • 10 years of cleaning experience.

  • Get references from our clients. Ask our clients how happy they are with our services.


Why hire Gardens Maid?

When you hire Gardens Maid to work in your home or business, we want to make ourselves as fitting to your needs as possible. Our team is easy to work with so you can be comfortable with us. These are the qualities we believe make our clients most happy about our cleaning service.


Who should use Gardens Maid cleaning services?

Anyone who’s getting ready to receive guests, preparing to sell or appraise their home can make a welcoming impression on their visitors. Those who are blessed with children, pets or just plain busy in life’s activities can enjoy the blessing of a fresh clean home. Even businesses such as real estate companies, construction companies, and business offices can benefit from a clean image.

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